Flash Fiction

A while back El Comercio, a newspaper here in Lima, held a flash fiction contest (micro relatos in Peruvian).  The goal was to tell a story in 50 words or less.  I entered with the story below (Spanish version) but did not win. I still had fun writing it!

Flash fiction is a wonderful genre for students who want a challenge or students who do not like to write much.  It forces the writer to economize words while letting the reader do much of the work of understanding.  Many details are left unsaid in flash fiction so the reader has to infer.

Enjoy the story!

“Es todo señor. Su tour de la catedral ha finalizado.” Extendí mi mano.
“Gracias, Carlitos. Con solo 11 años sabes bastante de la historia.”
Recibí sus monedas, sonriendo.
Entonces él miró mis pies y me preguntó, “Una pregunta más, chiquito, ¿dónde perdiste el otro zapato?”
“No perdí nada, señor. Encontré este.”


“That is all, mister. Your tour of the cathedral has ended.” I extended my hand.
“Thank you, Carlitos. For an 11 year old, you sure know a lot about history.”
I received his coins, smiling.
Then, he looked at my feet and asked, “One more question for you, where did you lose the other shoe?”
“I didn’t lose anything, sir. I found this one.



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