Nonfiction Text Features

Nonfiction text features can be an enjoyable part of reading nonfiction texts.  They also help the reader discover the main idea. Watch this video to discover what we are talking about when the teacher says, “Nonfiction text features.”

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WHN- What’s Happening Now

Here is a quick check-in that I do with my middle school students (it can be done orally or written):  as they are reading I ask them, “What’s happening now?” To answer they need to say, “[character] [description] is [setting] [-ing verb + phrase] because/ while/ …  . This format requires them to talk about […]

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Writing Across the Disciplines

I just came across this graphic on Twitter and thought you might like to see how ASCD organized their thinking about reading, writing and thinking across the disciplines. Write like a Scientist ✏📈 awesome resource from @ASCD. What does Literacy look like in your subject. Contact for support to find out! — Impact […]

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Flash Fiction

A while back El Comercio, a newspaper here in Lima, held a flash fiction contest (micro relatos in Peruvian).  The goal was to tell a story in 50 words or less.  I entered with the story below (Spanish version) but did not win. I still had fun writing it! Flash fiction is a wonderful genre […]

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