When editing you fix mistakes- especially in capitalization, punctuation, spelling and grammar.  Using them correctly allows the reader to more easily understand your meaning.

MLA format is included below.


  • I – Always capitalized when referring to yourself.
  • Names – People, specific places and things; these are “proper nouns.”
  • The first word in a sentence.
  • The first word in quotations- Then my mom said, “Go do your homework!”
  • Large words in titles (books, movies, … ) The Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Raiders of the Lost Ark .

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Punctuation Reminders


  • At the end of every sentence.
  • For abbreviations (Dr. / Mrs. / A.M.)



  • To separate items in a list- For dinner I ate chicken, rice, and salad.
  • To separate phrases- I ate my dinner, finished my homework, and fell asleep.
  • To enclose details- Lima, the largest city in Peru, is located on the Pacific Ocean. Bobby, the meanest bully ever, returned the money to the 1st graders.
  • To set apart a participial phrase- Knowing that the bell was about to ring, Maria began packing her backpack. Having eaten all the cake, Robert looked for some cookies.


Exclamation Pointdownload-6

  • Used to emphasize emotion- Help! The monster is coming!


Question Markdownload-1

  • Used to ask a question- Can you help me? What time is it?


: Colondownload-3

  • The Colon expands the sentence that is before it, often with a list- There are many fruits that I like: bananas, oranges and kiwi.



  • The semicolon is more than a comma but less than a period; it joins 2 phrases that are related.


Quotation Marksdownload-5.png

  • Quotation marks show that someone was talking or that the information is from another source-
    • So I asked, “Dad, can I borrow the car?”
    • The cookbook says, “Be careful when you eat fish; there might be bones.”
  • Notice that the punctuation is inside the quotation marks.
  • Try these dialogue rules.


Spelling & Grammardownload

Make sure you use spell check on your document. That, though is not enough- you may have used the wrong word. Is it there, their or they’re? To or too? Grammerly can help you with that, but make sure you understand why. Learn the ways of the writer!

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