Getting Started

“Anybody who has survived his childhood has enough information about life to last him the rest of his days.”  Flannery O’Connor, Mystery and Manners: Occasional Prose

Use these ideas to get started on your writing…

  1. Image result for getting startedWhat happened?  Tell the story of what happened today, yesterday, last year…
  2. Change the names and location of the above and write a new story.
  3. Draw a map of your house when you were younger.  Add notes about events that happened in different rooms (learned to sew, broke my arm, mom got mad, …)
  4. Draw a map of where you grew up.  Label the map with events that happened to you and others in your neighborhood.
  5. Make a list of people who are important to you.  Add notes about stories you could tell about those people.
  6. Make a list of places that are important to you.  Add notes about stories you could tell about those places.
  7. If your house were on fire and everyone (including the pets) was out, what 5 items would you want to run in and retrieve?  What one item?
  8. Tell about the first time you… rode a bike, fell in love, spent your own money, got lost, built/ created something, …
  9. Write about someone important to you who has died.
  10. Write the conversation you would love to have with someone living or dead.  What would you say?  What would that person say?
  11. Write everything you know about _____________ (a sport, a person, a hobby, a country, the Civil War, …).
  12. What is your opinion about ______________?  Why? (noise, TV, cell phones, cars, the Olympics, euthanasia, abortion, celebrities, the death penalty, saving money, spending money, global warming, …)
  13. What might someone who disagrees with you say about the above topic?  Why is that person wrong?
  14. Make a list of jokes.  Make up your own jokes.
  15. Write snippets of conversation that you overheard.

More prompts from Writer’s Digest, from ThinkWritten, from The New York Times,

I’ll keep adding to this list.